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Hi Everyone!
I can't remember the title of a serie/movie, from 70-90's?
It's about a poor woman (white dark hair) who is together with a guy who is equally as poor as her. One day she decides to trick a wealthy man into marrying her.
Her boyfriend has doubts that she can catch such a guy.
She treats herself to a complete makeover by stealing rich womens shopping bags and she even escapes at the hairdresser when finished.
She meets the rich man and says she works as a sexy underwear saleswoman?
And she lies about everything about herself.
The rich man takes a liking into her and kntroduces her to his mother (for approval), she is not custom to such snobby high standards and serves her tea incorrectly.
She reads a book in the bathroom on ettique, how to eat dinner in a fancy place etc.
Then she gets pregnant with the poor man who she is still seeing and they agree she must have sex with the rich man and marry him so she can get all his money.
But I think torwards the end you kind of like the rich man more over the poor man?
She appears in the newpaper at some stage as well, posing with the rich man.
And I think maybe the rich man is working within politics?
Please Please Please help me find this tv-series/movie!
Thank you!!


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