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In this movie a wealthy man adopts 3 children (like ages 12-15), a boy and 2 girls all unrelated. One girl gets scarlet fever and has scars on her face for life, and the benefactor falls in love with her. The boy and other girl fall in love and the boy can't decide which career to choose. He squanders all his little bit of money on 3 different careers, only to settle on being a law student to keep an eye on this case that could lead to his own wealth. The benefactor keeps warning the boy not to invest so much time and energy into this lawsuit, but to no avail. He loses any inheritance from this ongoing lawsuit that was stuck in the courts for generations. In the end the boy dies penniless and unmarried with the girl by his side. It may be a Jane Austen film. It seems to be filmed in the early 1800's. Also the girl with the scarred face had fallen in love with a different guy initially but he left on business, leaving the way open for the benefactor to profess his love. Please help! Thank u! :)


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