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I think this period drama must have aired in the 90s and though it sounds rather like Jane Eyre I don't think it is. All I can remember is that a woman marries a man she believes is a widower and, like Jane Eyre, it turns out he's keeping his disturbed first wife locked away. The first wife is blind (possibly due to a fire or something) and is let out at night, leading to the new wife hearing strange noises in the night. One main point I remembered was the first wife crashes through the new wife's bedroom wall at one point and tries to stab her (because she's a bit batty and jealous). Also, the head housekeeper is aware of the first wife (and possibly might be in cahoots with her) but the other staff don't know about her. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I really want to see it again because it scared me so badly at the time I didn't watch the end :) Thanks!


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