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Can't remember if this is a film or a tv series, its about a young man who (washes up on a shore?) finds himself in a new town and meets an older man. The older man runs a pub, they do this thing where they stick a pin in a candle and when the pin drops then the trading is over, I think they were deciding on the rent of the pub. At one point some other guys comes along and buys it off the main guy. The two main characters find a gem and try to sell it, the guy they sell it too tries to pay them too little so they leave. Theres one point where a man finds them and falls down a well or something, and he's hanging onto a rope and the two men try to pull him up but more people are coming so the younger man cuts the rope. The older man is annoyed, says something about it not worth killing for money. I think maybe his son died at some point. Anyone have any ideas?


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