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I believe that the movie or tv movie was set in Medieval Ireland, it was about a young noble woman traveling with a band of men, one of whom she falls in love with. There this part where they both are under a waterfall or underground and the man starts to cry about something. They end up having to go their separate ways him leaving in a boat or something like that. I remember very clearly them talking on high cliffs, the man jumps off them for some reason and the woman thinks he has die however he didn't. They end up getting married.
- The main woman had curly red hair
- The main man had long dark hair and dark eyes, he actually kind of looks like ralph fiennes in Wuthering Heights
- They ride horse a lot
-They may have been friends when they where younger
- There could be a magical part in it, like the main man was a selkie or the like to have survived the cliff jumping

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