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Perhaps not exactly a period drama, this movie is set against the backdrop of political unrest (American-Cuban, I believe) & centers around a young (mid teens, I suppose) female activist and her relationship with her father and her best friend. Girl's parents are divorced, or at the least separated, and she lives with her father, who is in academia in some regard, if memory serves me. The girl's friend has no father around, and (I assume) longing for male influence/interaction, she begins to spend time with her friend's dad and simultaneously lose her loud social voice. This combination begins to strain the girls' relationship. The three are on an overnight boat trip and as she is trying to read before bedtime, the young girl overhears the sounds of lovemaking between her father and her friend. Eventually, the girl outs the dad by exposing the relationship to her mom and some family friends. In the end scenes, audience is left wondering whether the severed ties can be repaired.

Other than this synopsis, I cannot remember much. I don't know any of the actors' names, or whether the film's genre is officially drama, romance, or something else. I want to say that the title contains the names of the two girls, but I am not certain of this. Please help if you can.



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