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Iím trying to get the name of an old very sad black and white movie. Some of the older queries above mentioned the same movie but not the name. A famous violist leaves his wife and children to go to New York or somewhere to play. He is robbed and left unconscious and ends up in hospital for a long time. Meanwhile an old tramp has his wallet and is killed under a train. The family presume itís their husband/father as he is unrecognisable. Then years later he gets the money to go to a concert and there is his son playing a piece of music in memory of his Dad. His memory comes back and on Christmas Eve he peeps in the window of his old home but realises it would cause too much pain to announce who he is. His wife is now with someone else. The police catch him peeping but is son comes out and says itís OK donít charge him itís Christmas. The piece of music played by the father and son was just so sad and the whole film has never left me. I cannot find the name though,


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