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an old B/W movie (film noir) on TV one afternoon in the early 60's

"Plot: A wealthy woman is near death and her husband and a younger woman slowly finish her off. Perhaps they even poisoned her in the first place. Memory is cloudy on that part.

In their mansion hangs a beautiful portrait of the wife in her youth. The younger woman may or may not have been her nurse.

Even before the wife dies, her portrait bothers her husband and the other woman. They remove it but wife, from her death bed, insists the painting be put back on the wall to remain forever.

After she dies they remove the portrait. Within a few weeks the wall itself slowly begins to manifest hints of the lines of the image of the dead wife! They have maids wash the wall, but again the image begins to reemerge, this time more defined! They paint the wall, but still the image reappears...

It's not the movie called 'Laura.'"


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