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I watched a movie (or mini tv series) about 5 or 6 years ago, and it was about this woman who was to be married to this old, big man, but she ends up humiliating him and he calls it off. She then meets a young man and they run away together and get married. She gets pregnant and her lover takes her to visit his father (i think) and the father is the old, big man, that she was meant to marry at the beginning. Her lover ends up leaving her because his father threatens him, and she ends up having a miscarriage. She then remarries to this cruel admirer of hers, but she catches him with other woman and as revenge has intercourse with one of the servants. Her new husband finds out and he throws her out. She goes to a clothes shop (or something of the sort) where one of her friends work, and she asks for a job.Her friend agrees but then informs her that it is actually a pleasure house, and the woman begins to work there. This is all I remember as I never finished watching it! So any help would be appreciated! I think it was aired on SBS.


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