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Hi..Please help me...I m looking for a english movie of 1990s..story line is that A rich buisnessman (hero) having 2 kids a boy & a girl, his wife is dead..he is looking 4 a maid to lookafter his kids but d kids r too noughty & kick all the maid..than a girl took this job, she is heroin of d film, she is in need of money so she bear all d torture of d kids & taking care of kids, as d time pass kids & maid became friends..they started liking her & did makeover of office hero's secretory (vamp) has plan to marry with him & kick d kids out of house........all of them went to picknik outdoor, durring returning vamp leave the kids & maid in hotel & came back with hero to marry with him. Maid & kids had no money they manage to return by working in a Ship...when they reach to home all misunderstsndig get sorted.....hero leave the vamp and marry to the Maid (heroin)...The End...


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