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i want to know d name of this hollywood movie of 1990s. i remember d story like that. a rich man's wife died nd he has 3 small kids. he hire a maid 4 them but kids were notorious nd they kicked out every maid who came 2 their home.then heroine of movie arrived.she was a poor girl who needs money 4 her clg fee nd started working to look after d kids.notorious kids annoyed her lot as she was needy she didn't left d job. rich man's secretory was the vamp of movie. she wanted 2 marry d rich guy nd had d plan to kick out kids. kids started 2 like d day rich man have 2 go abroad 4 his business work. he decided 2 take his kids also but d vamp didn;t make it happened nd left d kids. the maid then worked in a ship nd asked shipman to take d kids 2 their dad's d end kids meet their father they told everything about d vamp.nd how d maid help them and work 4 them in ship. last scene is a wedding scene where rich man marry d maid, the heroine of d movie. plz can nyone know name of dis movie.


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