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I think it was around 2009 or 2010 when I watched this period drama. I think it might be Korean or Chinese. It starts off with a married couple and their baby. But the mother isn't meant to be with the guy and somehow gets captured..I don't remember exactly how but then she's married off by her father to someone else and has another baby. She soon commits suicide after the birth of that baby. Anyways she ends up being saved and becomes this masked woman. Then we go to like years later where she runs into her first son. Her first son isn't liked very much but his really good with the sword and stuff. The second son has a relaxing life. Anyways the mother looks out for her son. Her son journeys around and meets this girl and she has a clear interest in him but he's really cold to her but he lets her come along. Her dad however forbids her to hang around him. The second son happens to be friends with her and thinks that she should stay away. The two brothers soon have moments where they meet. After awhile the girls dad gives her some concoction that erases her memories slowly, she's gets headaches and soon forgets about the first son. She second son gets married to some girl.

The girl who let her memory ends up at a temple and cleans around and lives there. The first son comes along trying to help her with her memory and keeping her company. Soon the second son and his wife come along to the temple and try to persuade her in joining them on their journey, however she doesn't remember them and doesn't agree.
The other girl confronts her with her memories and she admits that she's regained her memories, the other girl runs off to the second son and tells him that. He was so happy for his friend he asked her to come along yet she lied and said that his wife had threatened her with a knife. She did this because she wanted to stay with the first son who she loved, she didn't want him going outside fighting all the enemies, she liked the peaceful life at the temple.

She ends up leaving with the guy that she loves.

In the last few episodes the two brothers find their mum as she admits the true story. They accept each other as brothers and they come together to fight one of their ex friends. Their ex friends had gained power and somehow turned evil. Anyways the two brothers fight together but they both are wounded and could be killed at any moment.

Their ex friend was unaware that his girlfriend was behind him and she stabbed him.
She holds him in her arms as she too stabs herself and they both die.

The two brothers are sad watching what was their two good friends.

They end up splitting their own way with the girl they love.


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