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I am looking for the title of a film that I saw in school in the 80's. Since it has been so long I am very foggy on the details. It was based off of a short(?) story that we also read in class. The film was black and white. It was a drama. I do not know the period it was supposed to be set in. Perhaps 1800's? I believe it was an American film but was set in Europe. The main character was the wife/mother. She had 2 kids and a nanny. Her husband was also a character. I do not recall any other characters being in the story. I remember the wife/ mother was a bit childish and would sneak candy to the kids, which her controlling husband would disapprove of, if he knew. In the end in the written story she left her husband. In the end of the film, I believe she looked in on her kids and then stayed or perhaps they left it open to interpretation. I recall in class discussing how her husband wanted her to be a strong person and if she left he'd respect her and be the man she really wanted, but if she stayed she would be once again giving in to her husbands whims, and he would continue to treat her the same. Basically there was no way she could win.


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