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I'm looking for a film set in a seaside or lakeside town in Russia. The plot is very similar to Anna Karenina. The main character is married to an older wealthy man but runs off to the town with a soldier who is friends with the local doctor. The soldier tries to borrow money from the doctor to go back to Moscow and abandon his mistress. The local constable demands another "interview" with the lead character or he will expose what they had done in the past. He claims to be a man of honor and will not be dismissed out of hand. When she (Anna? I don't remember her name in the film) learns her husband has died she has second thoughts about finally marrying the soldier. Her friend and queen bee of the social scene scolds her. The Queen Bee had accepted her despite the affair because of her respect for young love or something, but now she will be shunned if she doesn't go through with the wedding.
I have looked through all the film adaptations I could find of Anna Karenina and this isn't shown. It has high production values, modern camera work, nice costumes, etc. It could have been a BBC made for tv movie but from after 2000, probably late 2000's. The lead actress is a beautiful redhead. The doctor is a portly, bespectacled older gentleman. The constable is tall, strong and despicable.


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