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About 2 or 3 years ago I watched a movie on hulu , I dont remember the name. But it was about a 2 asian mixed girls mostly the oldest she was like 17 she was like an artist she used to draw little stuff . her sister was maybe 15 i guess . but anyway he dad moved out becuase her parents (DAD) was filing for divorces, her mom started do drug and what not . her little sister was trying to get in with these "Cool Girls' in one sense I belive they were smoking in the girls restroom . Anyway she starting falling for this black guy who was a drug dealer he sold to sell to her mom , he would gave her and her sister stuff . to make along story she he got busted with her and the car and he begged her to take the blame becuase she wasnt 18 and it was her first time , he snitch on some poeple and got out and was running around with her little sister and at the end the popele he snitched on shot and killed him and her little sister .


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