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I saw this movie, about a girl and boy, where the girl is popluar, and boy is just a normal teen, this girl's car broke down, and the boy came to help. So that's where it all started. The guy's family is a old fashioned gang. The boy ran away from his place and slept in a old man's garage, the old man saw him the next morning and offered him to stay. The boy treated the old man like a father. He helped him in everything. The girl kept coming to meet him, the father found the boy living in the old mans place and tried to take the boy away. So the old man didn't allow, so he took his gun and shot the expensive trucks lights and windshield. So, next the father came back and beated the old guy, so the boy left, he left the girl, came back after a few years and his face cganed and met the girl again, now it's awkward between the two of them, they keep coming back to the old mans hows and the girl said "why didn't you grow old and get ugly" that's what I remember. Oh and the bpy died by the hands of his father on the other side of the railroad, cause the boy gave his Heart to the son of the Girl because her son was sick, after the girl red the letter, she cried and tried to find the boy, but the bpy was already dead...


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