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Hi! so i saw this movie like a long time ago and i thought it was really good and now i cant seem to find it so.. The movie is about a rich girl who comes to live with her father on this house, well she falls in love with a guy who is fixing houses at the time. So, the guy goes to be a soldier and she says goodbye by giving him a kiss and i think a picture of her too, and sadly her dad dies. The poor girl has to make a living so her house gets turned into a farm and she waits for the soldier to come back, and one day while her and some friends are outside in the snow they take care of the men, because all men from that town are supposed to be at war, so if their not, if i remember i think they kill them. So, i guess in the morning her and the soldier are walking and they recognize each other and they are happy together until the soldier and this other guy comes and they fight and both of them die by getting shot. In the end, the girl appears with a baby and they are having a picnic.


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