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Hi all! This is a little odd, but I need help identifying a kinda gruesome and creepy film I stumbled upon as a kid. It is kind of is necessary I figure the title out... I need this nightmare to end! Ok, so.. here goes. From what my warped mind is telling me, the movie I believe was titled The Maddening or The Baddening. However, both titles seem to come up nonexistent in all searches that I have done. What I can remember is that a lady took her child and left her husband or boyfriend. I dont remember where she was headed, only that possibly a friend or family member was keeping in touch along the way. Now it's based in the 80s-90s time frame. I'm almost positive she was driving a station wagon. She stopped at a small diner, maybe, to feed her child. Shortly after that scene the man she was leaving was following her trail (or maybe it went cold, but I want to stay he knew where she was). Suddenly her car broke down. I know I'm missing pieces but after that she ended up at a country house (cautiously) accepting the older man and womans help. She thought cause the woman, they were harmless. However, the movie goes awry and things start happening. Its almost as if they're keeping the woman and the child hostage. Next I remember it showing the kid chained in an upstairs bedroom. I know something crazy happens at the end... I want to say the child is killed, and they either do kill the mom and get away with it, or the woman ends up killing the couple. Either way, some creepy, twisted stuff happens. It is driving me insane and I think the only way to get that darn movie out of my head is to watch it. So, please help me guys!! Thanks so much!


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