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Hello, I'm trying to find the name of this movie I watched when I was younger not sure when it was made but it was in color I think it may have been a lifetime or hallmark movie but not for is a romance, I believe it starts out with a lady maybe 30ish she is in a relationship with a tv cast guy but I think he dumps her so she goes and visits a friend which I think may have had cancer because I think she dies in the movie. While she is there she ends up falling in love with a guy who is cowboyish,I think he found out about her ex boyfriend and that makes them get into a fight so she went back home and At some point she goes out riding a horse and pushes the horse to far and something happened that she fell and hit her head on a rock and is paralyzed then she opens a place for paralyzed kids then he comes looking for her and finds out what happened to her and has trouble esepting the news. I'm pretty sure she had blonde hair, don't remember much more but really hope someone might be able to help


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