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This is how I remember how the movie went, it can be that there are somethings that I made up or something. So there is a man (I'll call him X) and a woman (I'll be calling her Y) and both have a daughter. This man (X) divorced with his wife I think and the woman (Y) also divorced with her husband. X and Y get to know each other and decide to get married. At first their daughters aren't happy, but after a while the girls began to like each other and became the bestest friends. Blablabla... I don't know what happens but X and Y decide to get divorced or something like that and the girls aren't happy with it. And then they kill their mother in the woods with a stone I think?
The body gets found and then police stuff I thought I'm not sure. The daughters are arrested for murder. The judges decide to put them in jail for some years and they said that when the girls get out of jail, they cannot contact each other or talk or whatever.
If I'm right this story was based on a true story.

(Please keep in mind that I have a big fantasy, so there can be things I have made up :p Thanks for reading and helping me out )


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