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The movie I've been looking for is from the late 90's or early new millennium (2000-2001). I watched it once on HBO over 14 years ago... A wife whose love life is dull with her husband, is a therapist. She has a patient/client who is an oriental female painter & artist, much younger than her.. She tells the therapist during sessions about an affair she is having with a married man. But what she implies is that she is having an affair with the therapist's husband, unbeknownst to her until she figures out she is referring to her art selling husband the painter works with. There was a scene of the painter covering her body in yellow paint while nude & fantasizing about the husband. She had a misscarraige and painted a picture of the lost fetus. Obsessed & Disgruntled, She ends up breaking in the couple's home and tried to kill the wife and husband but was killed by the wife in the end...I do not remember the title. Somebody please help


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