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I once saw this trailer and it started with two men, they were father and son. They both lived in a small house (they weren't very well off with money) and the father was sick and dying (I think). The son really cared about his father did his best to help him. Somehow, the son's life changed when he got a job working for someone very wealthy and the son was suddenly driving around luxury cars and doing cool things and even got a hot girl (who I believe was the bosses daughter). The son then wanted to quit because he had enough money to be well off with his dad but the son's boss didn't let him and he even said that they had the son's dad under surveillance and that was like a hostage so i believe the rest of the movie was the son fighting this company to get to the boss in all these different action scenes with the hot girl because she remained as the son's lover. (This is all from my memory from a trailer so it's ok if you don't get it but thanks anyways)


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