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A woman fall in love with a man. She live in the country and able to use herb there to help heal anyone that get hurt. The man came there to steal her medication secret but she fall in love him. After he learn her from her and also make steal her medication book. He promise to come back for her after he done with his work but he never came back. She waited for him. In the present, he use her medication to make million of dollar and he was about to death. He remember her. At this time, the woman already old and have a daughter and a grandson to take care of her. Her daughter or i dont remember what she was with to the woman. They live in a broken house in the country where the woman still waiting for him to return. Near by there house was, tree where people come and steal it and sell it. The daughter came upon to 2 guy who was stealing the tree and she told them to stop. After that, she took the tree or log that the 2 guy forget to take it with to her house. The 2 guy came and burn the house down. While the old lady which was the woman and the son still in the house. The daughter got stuck in the mud with the main guy. There was a watch that was very special to the old lady and she held on to it while she was getting burn inside the house. After that I dont remember what happened. I also remember a scent where they kiss under a tree with white flower falling which mean you have found true love. Help me out. THanks.


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