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Many years ago, probably 40, since I was barely a teenager, I saw a movie that I didn't understand too well at the time because of my young age, but some scenes from it sort of haunt me still, and make me want to see it again with my adult mind. The scenes that I keep recalling are about a man and his family, who have a lumber business and there is a bigger business that wants to buy them out, or run them out, so they have some fighting over it. One brother gets trapped in the river under some logs, and another brother keeps swimming down to breathe for him. Finally, the water gets so high that the trapped brother just gives up and drowns. The youngest brother in the family discovers that an older brother is really his father. I'm not sure about the circumstances of that, but think that the young stepmother must have slept with him. Any ideas on the name of this? It had to have been from the 70s or early 80s.


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