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I watched the old movie, "The Good Earth," on TCM last week and I kept trying to recall the name of another, newer, movie that also followed a Chinese family for several years. A son was spoiled and selfish and gambled so much that he lost his family's fortune. He had some type of puppets that he often displayed. He was forced into a war. He came back to his wife and children. A little boy was accidentally run over and killed by a good friend, and the father would never forgive him. A daughter was having a baby and ran into trouble. The only doctor within reach was in prison for political reasons. Strings were pulled, or money paid, and the doctor came, but he had been starved and was too week and hungry to help. A dozen yeast rolls were bought and he ate them all and then drank a lot of water, which caused him to be sick and he couldn't help the girl. She died, and the grandparents looked after the child. There was a lot more to the story, but maybe from this much, someone will be able to help me with the title. It was done in Chinese, but with English subtitles. I thought this was an even better movie than, "The Good Earth" and I'd really like to see it again.


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