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What is that one old black and white movie where a little girl has to live with her mother for 6 months and then her father for 6 months. The father is a famous calender painter and the mother model for some of his paintings. They met when he asked her if she would model for him and they fell in love. It starts off with the mother and father buying a coat for their daughter. First it was the mother and she bought her a classy coat and then the father came in afterwards bought her a chic coat. The daughter wanted her parents to get back together. The father asked the mother if she would go to dinner with him and she said yes. She they got to Luigi's (the restraint) and Nother woman that the father was kind of seeing (he had been painting her for 4 months) comes in and he forgot that they had a date that evening. The date ends up with the mother leaving. Near the end the father was not allowed to attend the Christmas festivities at the mother in-laws house. So he dressed like Santa clause like he usually did every year. And in the end after the marine came to their house and met smoochie (the mother) she tried to make the father jealous. But in the very end they got back together. Could you please help by telling me the title of this movie? I would love to tell my mom what it is.


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