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I am looking for the title of a movie.

It's Foreign, and I can't remember what language.

Essentially, a daughter catches her father in the act of cheating on her mother. The daughter watches her father flirt, kiss and have sex with one or two different women. She can't seem to take her eyes away from the act. One woman is an american who wore a read bandana.

The mother also cheated on the husband (or was going to) with a young man who used to come by and clean the pool.

The movie focuses a lot on the quality of life in the environment that they live in. The father is a writer and the family has money troubles. The mother and father fight a lot, and they live in a beautiful home by the beach.

The family has a mother, father and about three kids. The father spends a lot of time lounging with the kids on the water and enjoying the great weather and beach life (in addition to cheating with other women).


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