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This is a movie or a TV mini series about Jewish in concentration camps.
I do not remember very well, but the plot is about a Jewish nurse and a young Jewish doctor; they love each other. The Nazi officer in that concentration camp is a terrible man that tortures the prisoners just for fun, he has a mild handicap when he walks, and he uses a cane. The young doctor is sent to another concentration camp, because the Nazi likes the girl. He raped her and she got pregnant. When the Jews are been killed, the Nazi officer sent the girl out of the camp to save her. All this is in black and white. Later, in color, there is a man that is looking for the holocaust survivors to testify against the horrible Nazi officer. He found the Jewish woman and her now grown up son, which looks exactly like his father, the officer.
She did not want to testify because she told her son that he is Jewish, the son of an honorable Jew.


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