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Im looking for this bollywood movie
Starts with boy meets girl they fall in deep love and get married boy dies in car acident leaving behind a young greiving widow in the wedding i think a aunt whos a widow atends and is put down but she stands up for her and lets her come to the wedding pe were saying if she lets the widow attend she will be a widow too

The widow grieves deeply losing eight and singing of her love her family are deeply worried for her and so they want her to re marry she meets a handsome singer who brings her back to life and in the end they live happily ever after he loves her just as much if not more i really loved this movie it played on netflix years

There was of course much dancing and i remember in the begining of the movie after she kissed boy he dances in the rain in glee breaking into somg n dance

This movie was so good it made me cry
The cover of the movie was mostly red and it had a shot of her wedding tattoos on her hands as part of the cover best movie i ever watched hands down

It carried a msg of hope for the indian widows cause as u know widows were frowned opon and noone wanted them around there wedding festivities so sad


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