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My father was telling me about this movie. I tried using google to search key words but to no avail.

story goes like this:
woman loves a man and decides she wants to be with him and wants to have his baby but he doesn't have to be there for her to raise the boy.(something like this i kinda forgot main point: she has his son and raises him on her own).

one day she dies but when she is dying(or something) her last wish is for her son to know his father.

The boy goes to meet the father. We find out that he is married and has dauther(s)? and a wife of course. He lives there and the man's wife realizes how well educated and clean the boy is so she loves him and stuff. The boy is not only well educated and clean and with good manners but also very smart and good at sports etc etc.
Time passes? and the wife (and also the boy realizes this) that the father loves the boy so much(and spends more time with him) and the wife becomes jealous because it seems he prefers the boy as opposed to his daughters.
When the boy realizes this he decides that it's him that is creating the rift between the wife and the father. So he decides it's best for him to leave. (it's all very sad and he also doesn't want to leave.etcc)

That's what my father told me. Anyways, if anyone knows, please let me know! that would be great! (it's an old movie by the way. not sure how old, I forgot to ask)


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