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Hello, cant remember the titel of an movie a saw when i was younger.
The story is a BIT blurry.
But if i dont remember wrong its about a girl that loses her parents due to a landmine or something, and get moved to a foster home.
When she is taking the train to meet her new "parents" she is given a
money bill of some sort from a stranger. after a while into the story
the family is missing the same bill and askes her if she knows where it is, and she says no, and when her mother washes her cloths she find the bill and automaticly thinks that her "daughter" haved lied.
So they accuses her of laying so she runs away from home, after a while
her parents find out that their younger daughter has clued their bill into a cluing book.

So the drama evoles arround the family thing to find their lost adopted daughter.

Please help me with the titel of this movie.



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