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Paulina Martinez is a humble girl who lives with her mother in Cancun. She works in a lady's toilet where she mets Paola Bracho. Paola hates the family of his husband Carlos Daniel Bracho and decides to go away to travel with one of her lovers, the millionaire Alessandro Farina. Then Paolamakes the police think that Paulina stole her precious andexpensive bracelet and accuses her. When the police are taking Paulina to the jail, Paola offers her to remove thecharge if Paulina agrees to change places with her.Their faces and physical is look alike(they are twin sisters but was separated by birth because her mother have to give paola to other family because their life is poor). Paola had taught everthing that paulina need to know andgave her the diary as a reference in case she had a problem. then Paulina went tobarchos mansion as Paola Bracho.Besides her husband, Paola has many lovers: Luciano Alcntara, Alessandro Farina, Willy, Douglas Maldonado, Donato D`Angeli... Paulina is going to live like Paola Bracho for one year. The factory of the Bracho is in bankruptcy, Paulina managed to borrowed2 million dolars from milionnaire douglas maldonando and saved the factory, cures grandmother Piedad of her alcoholism, cures the son of Carlos Daniel,Carlitos and also change estefania personality from boring woman to beautiful and attractive woman and bring estefania and willy back together. Then her disguise been reveal and everyone knew she is an impostor.whencarlos daniel accidently called her real name, she decide to leave the mansion and run away.She afraid that she will get caught.Before she left,she asked Lalita to give carlos Daniel the paola's diary after 2days she gone so that carlos daniel will know the truth about his wife real attitude.Then lalita gave carlosdaniel the diary but before that estefania who found out about the diary took it from her brother's room and tear the part that paola wrote about her relationship with willy and returns


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