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I'm looking for a movie two or three parts .. Propbably two .. Anyway the story is about a young woman who gets pregnant from her boyfriend .. I think he's an actor or performer of some sort.. Anyway.. Her family force her to marry an old farmer and go away with him so that she can kkep the baby .. The farmer has daughters and is cruel to her.. The neighbour likes her at first sight .. Years go by and she has her beautiful boy but is unhappy .. She starts an affair with a young man in town .. Her husband one time gets his riffle and goes after the boy .. They hear shots and the husband is dead .. The neighbor testifies that he saw the whole thing and that it was selfdeffence .. She starts to get offers from many men to be married since she has inherted the farm .. But she falls in love with the neighbor and marries him..
I just cant remember in which era they lived .. But i guess it was early 1900s not sure though

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