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I would like to get help on this french movie I watched. It was about a group hiking across Europe (or France). The group had 8 people: 2 brothers and 1 sister have trouble with each other (but they had to travel with each other because of their parent's will, 1 brother has a wife with alcohol problem); 4 young teenagers (2 guys + 2 girls; 1 of the guys don't know how to read, and was taught by the sister mentioned above, near the end he found out that his mom was dead during his travel; 1 other guy follow one of the girl to be with her) there is also another woman who got cancer if I remember it correctly(since she shaved her head) and a guide. Each of the characters have different problems in their lives. By the end of the movie everything sorted out somehow.

That is how I remember it, I might forget some details though. But the general idea is that they travel a long distance together and overcome their personal problems.


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