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I only remember bits and peaces from it but I think it's German (maybe Austrian)and it has "lieb" in the title, and it's a TV show (only one series, like Daniel Deronda)and i'd guess it's set in the 19th century, maybe very early 20th. The main character is a woman that I think works as a governess and a man falls in love with her (he is dark haired and handsome.. a gentleman). I think there is some investigation about murder and someone is trying to frame it on somebody else but In the end they get together.
One scene has a fire in an apartment, the main character also sows for some woman in a circus and I think the man is trying to find this woman again after she leaves.
I know this isn't very helpful information but it's a few years since I saw it and I don't speak german but I really want to see it again.


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