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Around 2007, i watched a movie on DVD that was a true story. I dont know exactly when it was playing in theaters but i do know it was a fairly recent movie and not a old old one because i had seen the previews of it on tv and waited till it was on DVD to watch it.

It was a legal case in the USA that took place around the time period of 1930-1960 on a certain medication which was given to her for depression and anxiety (nerves). This woman ended up killing a child whom she was caring for. She had NO recollection of doing it.

Here is some of what i can remember of the movie so if you saw it and know of the name PLEASE CONTACT ME. It may help set up presidence for a legal case we are trying to initiate against a certain other medication.

The move took place back around 1930 to 1960. The lady was single and had many children. The husband ran off so she made a living by doing ironing for others. She was asked to care for a couple of girls while their parents set up house in a new state and looked for jobs. She was offered some money so she took them in.

Everyone thought she was perfectly normal until this happened. She singled out just this one child, blaming her for all her own childrens behavior problems. She tied this child up in the basement and would beat and starve her.

The woman had a much younger dead beat boyfriend that would come and go as he pleased and i think he knocked her up and then left her again.

Most of the movie setting was in the courtroom with the witnesses and her reflecting on the scenes which took place in the movie. She was sentenced guilty although they believed it was the medication and that she never remembered any thing she did to the child. Suspiciously the medication was then pulled off the market.

Any help finding the title for this movie would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!


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