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Im looking for a movie from a few years back (atleast thats when I saw it not sure about release date)

Iyd all very Victorian dark dresses, long sleeves hair in a bun kinda thing.

A woman (im not sure if she had a child with her) was due to marry a well dressed man (top hat and such, young) when after a disbute involving her he died by a crane hitting his face at a workyard. She washed the walls of her house then went to town and told a man that she would work for him,

She moved to his house (quite big) and he made a pass at her in the kitchen. I think he may have been married,

A time after that a young man living at the house too got chased off a cliff (and died) for going with a girl in the town,

Thats honestly all I remember and have been looking for years but never found it :(


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