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I cant remember much about this move but ive been looking for it for a good few months, i watched it about 3 years ago its to do with a woman who kills the children she's adopted or something, but one girl hides in a cupboard and survives, I don't think she remembers anything from her childhood after that, still living in the same place I think, she is later to discover a house that is/has been turned into a haunted house I think there's prize money or something to stay in the house for a night so her and a few other do it, turns out the house just actually has holograms that are dected by fear but they later discover the 'holograms of ghosts' are actually real ghosts, finding facts or something in the attic I think, she starts to remeber her past, the woman who she escaped (at the beggining) from is the dangerous ghost who is coming back for her due to her being punished in hell for not killing her the first time she again seeks safety in the cuboard hoping to survive again but the woman knows she's there, not wanting to make the same mistake she did before and she finds her but she's some how stopped and I cant remember the ending


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