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I watched this movie at least 13 years ago (probably longer) on TV. It takes place in a foreign country, maybe European, on the countryside. It's about a rich man who is engaged (betrothed?) to a young woman. This young woman either has a much younger sister or daughter with her. The wife-to be soon dies and so the man marries the younger daughter/sister. It's also possible that maybe he just takes her in with intentions of marrying her later. She's really young. I think maybe he does so reluctantly. The story follows her life growing up at the estate. She becomes close to a servant's son, a young boy who may be Hispanic. He moves away eventually, I think to go to school. Her caretaker/husband never likes their relationship anyway. A lot of stuff happens in between. Her aunt (I think), who lives in a different town dies. The young girl is mad at her caretaker/husband. I think he was supposed to be sending the aunt money. The young girl grows up, has a daughter. Her relationship with her daughter is strained. More stuff happens. The now woman runs into her old friend in the city. There is a revolution going on. More stuff happens. I think they lose their wealth. The caretaker/husband ends up dying. More stuff happens. I think the now older woman patches things up with her daughter on her deathbed.


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