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need help haven't got this film out off my head in ages. Its in colour and set in the times where you would be killed if you had magic. the main character a teenage boy (he doesnt life with his parents and has a brother i believe) is running away as the authorities are trying to catch him i think. he goes to his uncles house in the Forrest, his uncle explains he is special and different that he has powers (i think), he gives him a knife. at the very beginning of the film i think there is someone running away from the authorities(they are on horses). this person says a spell and an wall splits open. it was like it was a divided between them. it was an invisible wall that stretch as far as you can see and up to the sky. the authorities chased her/him through the gap. they ended up in a forest still trying to track her/him down. sorry that's all i can remember. i hope you can help me.


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