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Hi, I watched a chinese tv series in 1996.In this series, there is a family.Father, mother and five children.The eldest child is gir, second child is boy, third and fourth children are girls and the youngest is boy.Father of this family is dead.Mother also became a disease and she will be die soon . I don't remember the name of disease.When she know that she would be die, she decided to give her children to other families.So, she gave her five children to five different families for adoption. The eldest child reached to an old couple. The second child reached to a family that produces umbrellas. The third to a lady who works as singer(not sure), the fourth to a family who are duck husbandary.The last child reached to a rich family. The eldest girl is about sixteen years old.the second boy is about thirteen years, third girl is ten years ,the fourth girl is six years and the youngest boy is three years old.
Let me know the title name and the name of theme songs in this series.
Please help me


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