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Hey i was wondering if anyone could tell me the title of a korean drama i watched around 4 years ago maybe, i watched it around christmas on a trip to singapore, i only watched 1 episode at that time and i didn't know the title. it was about a girl who was supposed to be getting married, her parents were divorced if i remembered correctly. She was sending induing invitations and went to her friends house. turns out, the guy she was supposed to marry is actually in love with her friend. She went to his older brother's house to give him an invitation but he denies it. On her way back her friend called her through her fiancÚ's phone and she heard him confessed to her friend. She had an accident and got into a hospital, his older brother went and took care of her and he went to the wedding only to cancel it. This is as far as I can remember.. I remember the guy was tall and he wore glasses and had spiky black hair, the brother had brown hair. help me out guys


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