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Okey i have tried to figure this out for a long time and it is really bugging me. It is a tv series for kids. I don remember a lot but it goes like this. It was about a boy and his sister and their friend who hing out in the house they made for fun ( luke a tree house but not on like a hideout or something) and they had this other girl and her two friebds who always made fun of them and didnt really like them i guess. I remember one episode goes like this. They found out there was a princess and tried to figure out who that was. They knew princess had a mark on her shoulder and was adopted. The girl who didnt like them heard that and was ashured she was that princess ( she was rich and liked herself) but at the end it turns out the princess was the boys sister but teheir parents bever told them she was adopted and she had a mark. Oh and i think those kid solved some mysteries. Anyone know what im talking about?


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