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hello, so this movie is set in Australia. maybe in the mid 40s or 30s. About a girl who falls in love with this guy who is intended for her step sister or half sister(can't remember which).
Anyways so this girl lives with the sister and her mother. The mother (I think step mother) does not like the girl and wants to make a match for her own daughter with this guy.

But alas the guy falls in love with the girl (protagonist). And he ends up getting her pregnant. He never finds out cause he goes away and gets killed (must've been WW2).

The stepmother and sister hide the girl away in this little house in the outback while they live in town and they keep the pregnancy a secret and instead they claim that the other sister got pregnant.

So the girl lives on her own until she gives birth to a baby boy in a Billabong or creek (awesome birth scene btw). But the step mother and sister take her son away from her. And he grows up never knowing his real mother. They also keep the real mother away from the son. It's really very sad. The son only finds out the truth about his mother after she dies.

And that's the whole plot, if anyone could help me with the title that would be awesome!


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