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Okay very unlikely anyone knows this, but anyway I remember watching this movie a few times when I was little, but I could never remember the tittle of the movie.

I think it was a series but I'm not sure, anyway, it was about this girl who lived in a castle with her father and her sisters I think ..? And he was looking for a wife and made all the women in Kingdom try on this ring but, it didn't fit anyone so the daughter decided to try it one day and it was a perfect fit.
So the father decided to marry her.... She agreed but she locks herself in her room, and asks for 3 dresses first one dark as midnight or something like that one as bright and gold as the sun and I can't remember the third one.... Days go by and the bang on her door only to find out she has run away.

She then becomes a really dirty maid to a prince who is nothing but horrible to her .... But then one day, he has a ball I think, and she shows up looking beautiful wearing one of the dresses and he falls in love with her, but she disappears at midnight.
Then he has another ball and the same thing happens again but she wears one of the other dresses and leaves again at midnight.
Then the on the third and final ball she wears the last dress and I think she revels who she is...

That's all I can remember, I kind of remember thinking it reminded me of Cinderella.

So please help >.<


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