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This is a movie I recently watched on Netflix, but when I went back to tell my mother the title it was gone. I am hoping someone can help me out.

This movie begins with a teenage boy who does not fit in with his family. He cares about school and is a very independent person. One day he leaves his family and hides out in an old mans garage. The old man finds him and recognizes who he is because everyone knows his family is not well liked, but very well known in town. He agrees to let him sleep in his garage, but one day his father and two brothers come looking for him. They threaten the old man and hit him as the teenage boy was on his way to a school dance. He forgot the corsage, went home and saw the old man lying there in the backyard. He then goes to his old house with his best friend and points a gun at his father. They end up wrestling and the gun goes off... Killing his best friend. At the end of the movie the father and two brothers end up doing something awful...


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