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I watched a movie when I was younger about a girl named Samantha (Sam). I remember her being a read head, maybe about 10-12 years old in the movie. From what I remember, the movie started out with her and her mom in a car driving, when someone crashed into them. They were taken to the hospital where the mother ended up dying. I guess it was decided that she go and live with her estranged father, who, from what I remember also, reminds me of dennis quaid and/or mathew mcchanahay (sp?), but I know for sure it wasn't either of them. In the movie, she also took up figure skating, maybe as a way of coping with the loss of her mother...I am not sure. There was also a clip where she ran away and was at the train station, where she was sleeping on the bench and almost approached by a strange man who we were supposed to think of a a bad guy who might have kidnapped her had her afthr not come looking for her.

I have been looking for this movie forever. I know my memories of it are all over the place, but maybe someone will



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