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There was this movie they used to show on weekends on family channel..
Like 4 years ago...(like those movies that use to come on after the Elephant princess at 10ish pm)

It's was about
An orphanage girl and she moved into her fathers home (castle)
There was a boy (around her age) that couldn't walk and was always sick because his room was always cold, shielding light and he never came out his room
When the girl was walking around the castle she heard coughing and followed it she was rude to the boy at first and starting visiting him until he finally went outside (i think he was in a weel chair)
And there was this swing in the garden that her mother and father used to go and play on (I think her mother died there) and now the girl and the boy plays there.. And they eventually fall in love

PLEASE HELP ME FIND IT I've been thinking about it for years!!!.


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