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One late night back in the '90s when I was channel surfing, I watched an old black and white film -- possibly British or Irish, but I'm not sure now -- and maybe set in the late 1800s or early 1900s -- about a young couple who were living in poverty and had two children. One child was an infant, and the other was a boy probably younger than 9 years old. I believe the baby became ill. The boy was very aware of how his parents struggled to make ends meet, and he was also very concerned about his baby sibling. Tragically, the boy decides to sacrifice himself so that they will have one less mouth to feed. I believe he uses a belt to either strangle or hang himself. I cried for days every time I thought of that movie! I can't remember the movie title, but I remember reading in the credits at the end of the movie that it was based on a story/novel by a famous writer. I thought it was Thomas Hardy, but I can't find any synopses that sound similar to the movie's plot. Does that movie sound familiar to any of you? Thanks for your help.


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