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Hi, my name is Abigail and I have been struggling to find a movie that I watched with my mother. I am 13 and I remember the movie being set in the late 90s early 00s. Also I only remember the end of the movie. There is a woman (blonde) who is married to an abusive husband. They have a child together and the woman doesn't want to leave her husband because of the child. She leaves him anyway (runs away) and goes to her sister (I think). The husband then finds her, the woman tells her son to go inside with his aunt (?). The husband beats the wife so badly that she is paralyzed but it's only her right hand and her left leg. Also, in court the woman is testifying against her husband, she is getting ready to swear into and oath. She is told to raise her right hand and to put her left hand on a bible. She reply's with "I can't." I also know that it is a true story and it was either on TV or on Encore. Thank You.


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